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Farmer's Choice Sampler Box Small

Farmer's choice of cuts

Farmer's Choice Sampler Box Supreme

Farmer's choice of cuts

Just the Beef Sampler

Two packs ground beef, a sirloin steak, a pack of short ribs, and a skirt steak or flat iron steak

Just the Beef Supreme

2 packs of ground beef,1 sirloin steak,, 1 pack of short ribs, 2 pack of stir fry beef , 2 pack of strip steak (1 steak / package), 1 pack of tenderloin (Filet Mignon), 1 stew, 1 kabobs and one flat iron steak.

Just the Pork Sampler

1 pack of bacon, sausage, pork chops, country Style Ribs, and a ham steak

Just the Pork Supreme

Two packs of different sausages, two packs of chops, two packs of bacon, two packs of ground pork, a pack of ham steak and country ribs.