Sampler Packs

Just the Pork Sampler

1 pack of bacon, sausage, pork chops, country Style Ribs, and a ham steak

Just the Beef Sampler

Two packs ground beef, a sirloin steak, a pack of short ribs, and a skirt steak or flat iron steak

Farmer's Choice Sampler Box Small

Farmer's choice of cuts

Just the Pork Supreme

Two packs of different sausages, two packs of chops, two packs of bacon, two packs of ground pork, a pack of ham steak and country ribs.

Just the Beef Supreme

2 packs of ground beef,1 sirloin steak,, 1 pack of short ribs, 2 pack of stir fry beef , 2 pack of strip steak (1 steak / package), 1 pack of tenderloin (Filet Mignon), 1 stew, 1 kabobs and one flat iron steak.

Farmer's Choice Sampler Box Supreme

Farmer's choice of cuts